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The Glove Steamer


Got Steam? Have your fielder's glove conditioned for a perfect game-ready fit at Koch Sporting Goods. Our specialists can break in new leather or re-condition old mitts inside the specially designed Mizuno Glove Steamer. Shape a new pocket or help bring weather beaten hide back to life in minutes!

Here's how the conditioning process works:

  • A light coat of Mizuno "Magic Soft" is applied and carefully worked into the glove's leather surface.
  • The glove is then placed inside the Glove Steamer for 1-3 minutes at a pre-determined temperature.
  • Freshly-steamed gloves are removed, and leather is pounded with a mallet to loosen stiff corners.

Our glove specialists will provide the following:

  • Help choose the right glove model for you
  • Customize to the desired level of softness
  • Shape the pocket for personal preferences


  • $10 EA w/ purchase of a new glove (Mizuno, Rawlings, Wilson, Easton, etc.) at Koch's
  • $20 EA for any other glove (including used)
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